Getting your property holiday ready

Preparation and planning are the key to success when it comes to holiday lets

You’ve taken the plunge and bought a holiday property. The location is great, the house is lovely, but how do you take it from empty building to desirable holiday home and, more importantly, get that steady stream of holidaymakers through the door? The good news is, you’ve already taken the biggest step and made your […]

Let’s make a positive impact

Coastal fishing village

Holiday home investing: Doing your bit Owning a holiday home is a big responsibility, and one which goes beyond just maintaining the property itself, you’re investing in the local area. Surely then, it’s only right that as members of that community we contribute and do our bit to help it thrive? There has been endless […]

Holiday let or Buy to let

Holiday Let or Buy to Let?

Holiday let or buy to let: What’s best for your money? When it comes to the lettings market, deciding between investing in a holiday let or a buy to let can be a tough choice. A holiday let can offer personal enjoyment as well as potential income but can take a lot of maintenance and […]

Enquire about a property

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