The possibility that your first tenants will be a complete nightmare to deal with is usually the biggest worry for first time investors.

The perfect match

Finding the dream tenant

The first investment property I ever bought was a one-bed in the Cotswolds, which I purchased as a buy-to-let. The fear of being able to attract your first tenants can be really daunting. Not only that, but the additional possibility that they’ll be a complete nightmare to deal with is usually the biggest worry for first time investors.

Luckily for me, my first tenants were an absolute dream. They were a local couple who stayed for years. They took great care of the property, we both kept on top of maintenance issues and we had a great relationship.

When they finally moved out, having had their first child and needing more space, it was really bittersweet as they had been so brilliant to deal with.

We were able to ease the move to a larger property and managed to gift them some of our own baby gear that we no longer needed (every cloud and all that…!)

A happy ending

Since then, we’ve helped one of their relatives who also came to us on their recommendation and was a tenant in the same house for years.

By the time he moved on, we’d established Let’s Escape and decided to convert the house to a holiday home, Mill View.

Last month, the couple who still live in Northleach got married. I was absolutely thrilled when the bride asked to book the house for herself and her bridal party to stay the night before the wedding.

It was a real honour to welcome her back and I was very happy to gift the stay to them as a thank you for being such fabulous first tenants. I do love a happy ending.

From the Bride...

Maddi and her family
Finding those dream tenants is possible

When we first decided to move in together we couldn’t believe our luck finding the house in Mill View. Colette and Craig were brilliant landlords and so easy to talk to. If there were ever any issues, we met for coffee and it was a sad realisation when we decided to move to a bigger place for our growing family. They let us keep our contract going on a month by month basis until we had a new place sorted and were settled in.

After we got engaged a few years ago I messaged Colette to ask if myself and my bridesmaids could stay in our old house the night before the wedding. We were so touched when she said we could free of charge. Generosity like that will always be remembered and helped make our day even more special.

We live quite near still and love peeking in now and then to see what our first home still looks like. We started our family here and the experience we had all those years a go has given us brilliant memories, as it will with anyone choosing to stay! Colette has made Mill View a lovely home from home.

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