Property investing doesn’t have to be a full-time job. There's always a solution, and it doesn't need to be giving up hours of time that you simply don't have.

Invest your money not your time

One of my client’s had been interested in property investing for years. He had surplus cash sitting in his account and it was making less and less as interest as rates plummeted. He liked the idea of investing but was holding back because he was worried about the possibility of a market crash or being unable to find tenants for a buy to let.

Once we sat down and talked through his situation in more detail, it became evident that actually the main thing holding him back was time. The thought of having to carry out market research, spending hours drilling into the numbers and actually setting up the property were just proving far too daunting. Where would he find time to furnish a property? How should he go about it? Where should he start?

Let others take the strain

Hands together
You don’t have to do it all, outsourcing is often the perfect solution

My advice was outsourcing. In the corporate world it’s a regular occurrence, the benefits are easy to understand and it’s second nature to most people working in that environment. I explained to him that all he needed to do, was apply the same mindset to investing as he did to running his company. After that there was no stopping him.

With the possibility of not having to do it all himself, he was ready to invest. We carried out due diligence on his chosen investment location and the findings were really positive, it was a high yield area, which meant that even if he had a few months with no tenants, the property would still be in profit.

We supported him in finding a great team to fully furnish the property, taking on everything from sourcing beds and sofas to purchasing cushions and cutlery.

On top of that, we identified a local agent to manage the tenancy. After years of deliberating, he was up and running, having used very little of his time in order to get started.

Invest to suit you

I’m delighted to say that he’s now a really successful investor. Within a year he bought a second apartment and now also has a holiday home in Spain. Both these purchases were fully outsourced, from due diligence to set up and the day-to-day running of the property. They bring in passive income and make capital gains far higher than any savings account.

Often, it’s hard to see the benefits of an investment like this when the barriers seem so insurmountable, in his case a busy lifestyle and lack of time. But being time poor doesn’t need to mean that property investing isn’t for you. Together, we can find a solution that works, and who knows, you might just get hooked?

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